Your Doctor’s Eyes & Ears…Anywhere…Anytime.

Worry free digital health solution allowing you or your doctor to monitor the following with just the click of a button…

Care Where and When You Need It

You’re busy…we get it.

Imagine you wake up and your child is sick.  Do you send them to school?  Do you take them to the Doctor?  When you or your child is sick, has an ear ache, fever, sore throat, skin rash or just doesn’t feel well, we give you peace of mind right from the comfort of your own home, hotel room, or anywhere.  

As your health care sidekick, our LUMI device and ecosystem can save you time.  With LUMI, our patent pending, patient-assisted TeleMedicine Device, you can easily assist your medical professional by automatically capturing vital signs for their evaluation…essentially allowing LUMI to be their eyes and ears at home.  Your medical professional now has the option for immediate treatment  so that you and your family get well soon.

Designed for Patients and Medical Professsionals

LUMI was designed by CloudWell Labs to be very easy for patients and medical professionals to operate.  It incorporates our smart digital stethoscope technology, smart digital otoscope technology, pulse oximeter, touchless thermometer, thermometer probe (oral) and more.  LUMI can be customized for integration with virtual telemedicine systems and EHR/EMR systems.  LUMI and the LUMI ecosystem are scheduled to launch in late 2018 with other features not yet revealed.

LUMI and our secure ecosystem thoughtfully integrate with your Smart Home, Smart Phone and Voice interface systems, making it easier for you to be proactive with your health by monitoring and tracking your health on a daily basis between visits, plus much more.